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We offer many different styles of drum classes at American Drum Company. A description of each type is listed below:

Rock Drumming

Rock drumming is among the most popular types of drumming in modern times. This is because it is not limited to one genre of music but rather encompasses a wide variety of drumming styles, including pop, punk rock, progressive rock, funk, reggae, and even heavy-metal.

Jazz Drumming

Built and shaped from numerous regions of the world, jazz has become one of the most expressive types of drumming. As a style, jazz is continually developing, first becoming popular with the early 1910’s Dixieland bands, it has evolved into a genre that includes swing, blues, Latin, bebop, fusion, funk, and R&B.

Drum Corps International (DCI) Drumming

DCI is a non-profit entity established in 1972 to organize youth-focused competitive drum corps events throughout North America. A typical marching band drum section will include a snare drum line, tenors/quads, bass drums, and cymbals, but can include various types of mallet percussion and timpani.

Pipe Band Drumming

A pipe band drum-line consists of a section of drummers playing snare drums, tenor drums, and bass drums. Historically, rope tension drums would have been used, but modern high-tension drums have become the new normal as instruments evolved.

Fife and Drum Corps Drumming

Fife and drum corps drumlines consist of only two types of drums, the snare drum, and the bass drum. Traditional rope tension drums, patterned after much older 16th century instruments, are still used today. The fife and drum community hosts many gatherings during the summer months. Individual drum corps mass together, playing as one powerful unit that can be heard from miles away.

Hand Drumming

Hand drumming can be divided into styles based on the various locations it is found around the world. The most notable types include African, Middle Eastern, Latin / South American, and Indian. Among the more popular hand drums, congas and bongos are essential to Latin music, whereas the djembe is the most commonly known African drum in the western world.

Concert Percussion

Concert percussion is a major division of an orchestra or concert band. Classical arrangements call for a very diverse variety of percussion instruments, including mallet instruments, drums, cymbals/gongs, and numerous other auxiliary percussion instruments such as woodblock, triangle, suspended cymbal, wind chimes, and temple blocks.

Drums Alive®

Drums Alive® is an inclusive wellness program that combines fitness, drumming, music and education to improve physical and neurological health. Using the rhythm of drumming with the movements of aerobic dance, Drums Alive® is designed to benefit the whole body.

Parent & Child Class

Music classes offer great benefits for developing children. Our Parent & Child class for infant to toddler children is a fun, expressive way to enhance your bond with your child. We provide a great sensory-rich environment for your baby or toddler to grow. With instruments like tambourines, shakers, rattles, and drums, we will continue developing motor skills and encouraging creativity. Babies will learn communication skills, and toddlers will learn how to play with other children. It is an experience both parent and child can enjoy.

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Are you new to American Drum Co. and want to try out a class?

American Drum Company offers a free 20-minute consultation for new students. In this introduction, we will determine each student's goals and skill level. This is to better provide each individual with lessons that best suit their needs.


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