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Schedule a Class

Please follow the instructions below to schedule your classes at American Drum company.

To start, please click on the link provided: schedule a class.

Existing Students

If you are an existing student, click on the existing student, select the length of class, and then click on the next button.

screenshot for existing student selection

New Students

If you are a new student, click on new student and then click on free consultation to schedule a free consultation. Then click on the next button. NOTE: American Drum Company offers a free 20-minute consultation for new students. In this introduction, we will determine each student's goals and skill level. This is to better provide each individual with lessons that best suit their needs.

screenshot for new student selection

Drums Alive® Classes

If you are interested in taking our Drums Alive® classes, click on Drums Alive® , click on which version, and then click the next button.

screenshot for drum alive class selection

Selecting Day and Time

Inside the calendar, please select a day and time. NOTE: If you want to know what days/hours your teacher is available, click on the teacher's name in the menu provided.

screenshot calendar class date selection

Select a Teacher

If multiple teachers are available for the date/time you selected, you will need to select a teacher.

screenshot for teacher selection

Enter Your Information

You need to enter your information on this screen and then click on the next button to pay.